Health & Sanitation

The Office of the Medical Officer of Health is responsible for sanitation and health in the city. Since the formation of Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh, special attention is being paid to modernize these services. Towards this end this office purchased various types of Equipments, Machinery and Vehicles which have been inducted as given below :-

Sr. No. Details Number
1. Hydraulic Trucks for impounding stray animals 2
2. Refrigerated Meat Van 1
3. Open Trucks 2
4. Tractor 4
5. Tractor Carrier Sets 15
6. Dumper Placers 14
7. Hand Carts 100
8. Wheel Barrows 400
9. Garbage containers of 4.5 Cubic M Capacity 250
10. Garbage containers of 6.5 Cubic M Capacity 40
11. Open Trollies 6

The Corporation is according Top Priority towards the maintenance of Dumping Ground and to follow the criteria laid down under the Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2000. For this a heavy chained bull dozer D-50 is used for pushing the garbage in the low lying areas and compacting it. The garbage layer is covered with a thick layer of earth to prevent foul smell and fly breeding and further dusted with lime to prevent insects and pests. An excavator and 2 tippers are used to spread earth over the garbage. The Corporation is also in the process of tying up with the Karnataka Compost Development Corporation for the setting up of a Compost and Vermi Compost Unit at the Dumping Ground.

The Corporation has modernized the existing slaughter house as per International Standard at the total cost of more than 5 crores and the same has started functioning under the supervision of a qualified Veterinary Doctor. The doctor has been imparted special training at Malaysia to facilitate the maintenance and operation of slaughter house and to ensure the supply of safe and wholesome meat to the residents of the city.

With a view to provide better facilities to the stray cows rounded up and impounded from various Sectors, the Corporation has converted two cattle pounds situated in Sector 45 and Sector 25 into Gaushalas. Facilities of medical aid, drinking water and feed are provided.

With a view to ensure segregation of garbage at the house hold level, the Corporation in collaboration with Chandigarh Animal Welfare and Eco Development Society is persuading the residents of the city to adopt door to door collection and to segregate the garbage at the house hold level. The Corporation in association with CAWEDS is building Khad Banao Kenders and Sehaj Safai Kenders in various Sectors to convert the garbage into compost and vermi-compost thus ensuring recycling and reducing the garbage going to the dumping ground.Eleven such Kenders have already started functioning in various Sectors, more such kenders are proposed to be started in the near future.

This Corporation is in the process of constructing Second Motor Garage for Parking the refuse removal vehicles in Sector 25.

Process of setting up a Carcases Utilization Centre has been started under a Centre Sponsored Scheme. This is likely to be implemented in the near future.

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