The city of Chandigarh has very well developed and maintained Gardens and Green Belts. The Municipal Corporation, after its formation has developed Fragrance Garden in Sector 36, Shanti Kunj in Sector 16, Garden of Annuals, Sector 44, Green Belts Sector 30, 15, 38 & 40. These Gardens and Green belts are enjoyed by the residents during the morning and evening walks. The standards of maintenance of these Gardens and Green Belts can be well imagined from the above photographs. The Corporation has also developed about 400 Parks in the residential areas by providing railing and children playing equipments. Many of these parks have been developed out of the funds provided by Member Parliament under MPLAD Scheme. The Corporation has shown keen interest in the development of parks in the rehabilitation colonies. Green Belt in Bapu Dham Colony has been developed in an area of 3 acres by providing railing, children playing equipments and growing of shady and ornamental trees. A Cactus Park has been developed in Ram Darbar Colony in an area of 4 acres. The Corporation has also been taking keen interest in the plantation of saplings and their growth. Every year more than 15000 trees are planted in the city. The various kinds of trees grown in the city are Amaltas, Ashok, Neem, Sapium Sebiferum, Pipal, Eucalyptus, Pilkhan, Mango, Silver oak, etc. Before the formation of Municipal Corporation only two cycles of cuttings were under taken to remove the unwanted weeds/ congress grass. The Corporation mechanised the system of cutting and now six cycles of cuttings are under taken.

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