Information Technology

The Major Achievements of the Information Technology Department of the Municipal Corporation are as follows :-

Computer Training Cell : The Computer Training Cell was inaugurated by Hon'able Commissioner Sh. M.P. Singh. The Training Cell was formed to impart training to the Staff Members of the Corporation.The Training Cell is currently engaged in providing trianing to the corporation employees on various topics such as : Computer Fundamentals, Office Automation, Networking, Internet Operations etc... The Computer Training helps in improving the Efficency of the employees and it also helps them in learning the Lastest Technology.The Computer Training Cell has already trained more than Sixty Employees from the varios wings of the Municipal Corporation. The Training Cell is now in process of providing training to the Senior Officers on Internet & e-Governance.

Networking & Internet :
All the Computers in the Corporation are connected to each other forming a Local Area Network. The benifit of which is easy accessability between all the Computers of the Corporation. All the Computers of the Corporation works uder Windows 2000 Domain Environment. Right now the Dial Up Internet Connection facility using Proxy Server has been provided to the Senior Officers of the Corporation by the I.T. Department.
The M.C. Office has been linked with the U.T. Secretariat and the D.C. Office on the Optical Fiber Backbone with High Speed Internet Connectivity over the Leased Line.

Municipal Corporation's Website :
One of the major achievements of the I.T. department is the development of the Website of Municipal Corporation. The task of maintenance, updations of Webpages and further development of the Website of the Corporation has also been assigned to the I.T.Department of the Municipal Corporation.

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