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S.No. Branch/Office CPIO Appellate Authority
1 Contract Tracing & Home Quarantine Only(Covid Cell) Executive Engineer (W&E) CEMC
2 Establishment Branch Superindent (Establishment) Joint CMC-II
3 Computer Cell Superintendent (IT) Joint CMC-III
4 Legal Cell Law Officer Joint CMC-II
5 SJSRY/NULM/JUNNURAM Chief Account Officer Joint CMC-II
6 Estate Branch/Food Kiosks Superintendent (Estate) Joint CMC-III
7 Accounts Branch/Audit Branch Chief Account Officer Joint CMC-II
8 Care Taker Branch Chief Account Officer Joint CMC-I
9 Licensing Branch  Superintendent (Licensing) Joint CMC-II
10 Vendor Cell Superintendent (Vendor) Joint CMC-III
11 Erstwhile BDPO Panchayat Samiti & Zila Parishad Superintendent (Establishment) Joint CMC-II
12 P& PF Branch Accounts Officer(P& PF) Joint CMC-II
13 House Allotment Branch  Chief Account Officer Joint CMC-II
14 Enforcement Branch Superintendent (Enforcement) Joint CMC-I
15 Public Relation Department APRO Joint CMC-I
16 Sub Office Manimajra SO (Manimajra) Joint CMC-II
17 Parking Branch Superintendent (Parking) Joint CMC-III
18 Apni Mandi and Day Markets Executive Engg. R-I Joint CMC-I
19 Colony Branch Superintendent (Colony) Joint CMC-II
20 Booking and Advertisement Branch OSD-I Joint CMC-I
21 Mechanical Branch S.D.E (Mechanical) Joint CMC-I
22 Planning Cell/ Building Branch S.D.E (Building) Joint CMC-II
23 MOH Establishment Superintendent Admin. Joint CMC-III
24 Birth & Death Registrar (Birth & Death) Joint CMC-III
25 Agenda Branch S.O-II Joint CMC-I
26 Property Tax A.C. (Tax) Joint CMC-III
27 CRU Branch Superintendent (Establishment) Joint CMC-II
28 Primary Health Superintendent (Admn.) Joint CMC-III
29 Chief Engg. Office/ Drawing/Architect Branch/AMRUT Executive Engineer W&E(C.E.M.C. Office) Chief Engineer,MCC
30 Public Health Divn. No.1 Executive Engineer(PH-I) Superintendent Engineer(PH)
31 Public Health Divn. No.2 Executive Engineer(PH-2) Superintendent Engineer(PH)
32 Public Health Divn. No.3 Executive Engineer(PH-3) Superintendent Engineer(PH)
33 Public Health Divn. No.4 Executive Engineer(PH-4) Superintendent Engineer(PH)
34 Circle Office(PH) Superintendent (Circle PH) Superintendent Engineer(PH)
35 Solid Waste Management  Executive Engineer SWM Superintendent Engineer (PH)
36 Road Divison No.1 Executive Engineer R-1 Superintendent Engineer(B&R)
37 Road Divison No.2 Executive Engineer R-2 Superintendent Engineer(B&R)
38 Road Divison No.3 Executive Engineer R-3 Superintendent Engineer(B&R)
39 Electrical Wing Executive Engineer (Elect.) Superintendent Engineer(H&E)
40 Horticulture Division No. 1 Executive Engineer (H-I) Superintendent Engineer(H&E)
41 Horticulture Division No. 2 Executive Engineer (H-2) Superintendent Engineer(H&E)
42 Circle Office(H&E) Superintendent (Circle H&E) Superintendent Engineer(H&E)
43 Grievance/Pending Reference AO(P&PF) Joint CMC-II
44 Smart City Chief General Manager (Smart City) CEMC
45 RTI Branch Superintendent (RTI) Joint CMC-II
46 Slaughter House Superintendent (Slaughter House) Joint CMC-III
47 Registration of Dog/Stray Cattle & Dog Superintendent (Slaughter House) Joint CMC-III
48 Honey Bee Hives & Pet Control/Dead Animal Superintendent (Slaughter House) Joint CMC-III
49 S.I. (HQ) Superintendent (Slaughter House) Joint CMC-III
50 Swachh Bharat Mission Superintendent (SBM) Joint CMC-III
51 Fire & Rescue Services Superintendent (Fire) Joint CMC-II
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