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Shehri Sehbhagita Manch


Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana- National Urban Livelihood mission (Day-NULM) shall rest on the foundation that the mobilization of urban poor households to form their own institutions is an important investment for an effective and sustainable poverty reduction programme. These institutions of the poor would partner with local self governments, public service providers, banks, private sectors and other mainstream institutions to facilitate delivery of social and economic services to the poor.

Self Help Group & Their Federation

NULM envisages mobilizations of urban poor households into a three tiered structure are-

  • Self Help Groups (SHGs) at the grass-root level.
  • Area Level Federations (ALFs) at the slum/ward level.
  • City Level Federation (CLFs) at the city level.


Self Help Groups (SHGs)

Membership of SHGs-

  • Under NULM, Self Help Groups of urban poor will be formed.
  • SHGs are groups of 10 to 20 women or men.
  • Non poor may be included as members in SHGs where special reasons exist.
  • These groups need not be registered.

Male SHGs of handicapped persons will be allowed.


Area Level Federation-

An Area level federation (ALF) is an association of SHGs consisting of representatives from all member SHGs. The federation of SHGs is essential to deal with larger issues like bank linkage, Inter group lending, negotiations with higher level structures and to gain greater bargaining power over the rights and privileges of SHGs

City Level Federation-

The ALFs (Area level federations) will come together to form a City Level Federation. Each city have one CLF. The CLFs should be registered as societies. Bigger cities may have more than 1 CLF based on the size and population. The CLFs is expected to work with ALFs SHGs member.

Responsibilities of a CLF-

  • To represent the needs of the urban poor at various levels.
  • Advocacy with the ULBs & State govt. for pro- poor planning, master plans, vendor planning etc.
  • To facilitate access of member ALFs and member SHGs to banking services.
  • New group formation and support.
  • To identify training and capacity building needs of the members ALFs.
  • Facilitate marketing of SHG produce/ Products.


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