Urban Poverty Alleviation & Livelihood Cell

Department's Hierarchy Introduction Programmes & Activities Proposals Submitted Mile Stones Achieved

Department Hierarchy

                   The Urban Poverty&  Alleviation & Livelihood Cell is work under the control of Sh.Anil Kumar Garg,PCS, Additional Commissioner-II and directed by Sh. Vivek Trivedi,Project Director.


Urban Poverty Alleviation & Livelihood Cell - Chandigarh is established at Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh under National Strategy for Urban Poor (NSUP) project of Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA) Government of India and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The cell started functioning since 26th Nov 2007. The Main work of the cell is to identify the urban poor and formulate schemes for their upliftment.


                     1. Identifying Need And Priorities of Urban Poor.
                     2. Improved Basic Services to the Urban Poor.
                     3. Development of Livelihood Promotion Models for the Urban Poor.
                     4. Capacity Building and Sensitization.
                     5. Monitoring and Evaluation.

Programmes & Activities

                     1. Preparation of Poverty Profile, Livelihood Profile, Slum Profile.
                     2. Monitor the progress of BSUP/SJSRY/JNNURMs in association with the implementing body.
                     3. Promotion of Micro enterprise activity under USEP central scheme.
                     4. Capacity Building of ULB and Community.
                     5. Assist CBOs in preparation of innovative projects under CDN/CPF fund.
                     6. Establishing Convergence and Linkages (Forward and Backward).
                     7. BPL and EWS Beneficiaries identification for Vocational Training.

Proposals Submitted

                     • Training and deployment of Rag Pickers in Waste Disposal Plant (Yellow Brigade)- cash from trash lying with MOH. (Discussed and tabled).
                     • Proposal for training centres in collaboration with reputed institutions in community centres. (Discussed and in process with CYP & DOEACC Society).
                     • Proposal for Micro Credit Initiative Programme for MC under CYP is lying for next year. (Discussed and tabled).
                     • Proposal for Mobile Exhibition of BPL Products under SJSRY for marketing.
                     • Proposal for Capacity Building Programme for CDS functionaries under SJSRY.
                     • Proposal for MCs own Mobile Computer Training Centre (Discussed with CYP and MC).
                     • Recommendations for conducting BPL Survey.
                     • Annual Action Plan for CDS and its framework.
                     • Monitoring of SJSRY sponsored courses.
                     • Developing Convergence mechanism.
                     • Initiation of Innovative Models and Pilot Projects for Vocational Training.
                     • Empowerment and Mainstreaming along with honorarium distribution to CDS.
                     • Internal Earmarking in MC Budget for Urban Poor and other underprevileged.
                     • Formation of New CDS in Chandigarh.
                     • Community Awareness Camps and Health Camps.
                     • Study on CDS/SHGs/Livelihood.
                     • Skill Upgradation programme for Urban Poor.

Mile Stones Achieved

                     1.  Training and Capacity Building of UPA & L Cell in collaboration with CYP and CRRID at local level.
                     2.  Development of Convergence and Linkages (Backward-Forward) with the inter-governmental and intra-departmental agencies.
                     3.  New tie ups with institutions and organisations of national and international repute viz. Commonwealth Youth Programme, Govt Museum and Art Gallery
                          & DOEACC Society (Ministry of IT).
                     4.  Devising new mechanism and prototype for imparting vocational training under SJSRY viz. Mobile Training Centre concept.
                     5.  Replication of “CYPTEC on Wheels” model developed by Commonwealth Youth Programme Asia Centre under SJSRY.
                     6. Feedback to MoHUPA via Secretary Local Self Governance in revamping the SJSRY guidelines for reshaping Community based Structures.                      7.  Feedback and given recommendations in reshaping the methodology specifically social and economic parameters adopted for BPL survey under SJSRY.
                     8.  Developed a new novelty under SJSRY “Exhibition on Wheels” for marketing the products prepared by the BPL beneficiaries in collaboration with Govt
                          Museum and Art Gallery for the first time in the history of SJSRY. It broke all records in terms of highest sale and supply orders. In the same line,
                          proposed “Exhibition on wheels” under SJSRY on permanent basis under SJSRY.
                     9.  Conducted a study on the functioning of Community Development Societies and SHGs under SJSRY in Chandigarh.
                     10. As a result of CDS study, revived the existence of seven Community Development Societies (CDS) registered under Society Registration Act 1860
                          formed couple of years back to strengthen SJSRY. CDS functionaries have been paid the sanctioned honorarium for the first time since its inception
                          by the intervention of UPA & L Cell.
                     11. Formation of new CDS and DWUCA in City in order to avoid imbalance growth and development of urban poor.
                     12. Enhancing capabilities and functioning of CDS by providing them vocational training projects under SJSRY in the line with NGOs and also an annual
                          budget to set up CDS offices in the respective areas for the first time in the history of SJSRY in the northern region.
                     13. Devised a Regulatory Framework for the functioning of Community Development Societies and appointment of two Community Volunteers (RCVs) in
                          each CDS area for the strengthening of SJSRY.
                     14. Conducted one Capacity Building Programme for all the CDS functionaries in collaboration with Commonwealth Youth Programme: Asia Chandigarh and
                          individual empowerment of CDS in their respective areas.
                     15. Bringing in the Chandigarh Network of +ve Living (CNP+) under the purview of SJSRY for raising the economic status of HIV+ and poverty stricken
                           the lines of “Mainstreaming of HIV/AIDS among Urban Poor” project jointly initiated by NACO and MoHUPA.
                           In order to mainstream PLHAs, two projects have given to CNP+ for vocational training.
                     16. Floated an idea for the skill Upgradation training programme under SJSRY for amateur BPL professionals.
                     17. Raised the quality standards of training by strong and continuous monitoring projects given to NGOs under SJSRY.
                     18. Introduction of new CBOs and NGOs under SJSRY for the training programme.
                     19. Involvement of Engineering wing and Public Health wing of MCC in conducting vocational courses under SJSRY in engineering vocations like plumbing,
                          horticulture and electrical etc.
                     20. Introduction of new clauses into the MoU for improving the quality training courses and fixing the accountability of the NGOs.
                     21. Given stress on accredition and certification of the training programme so as to create a quality employability of the BPL.
                     22. Stressed on the maintenance of records pertaining to the placement of BPL trained under SJSRY.
                     23. Conducted Two day training on the Urban Poverty Alleviation for the Urban Poverty Alleviation & Livelihood Cell, Ambala on the request of UNDP &
                     24. Contribution in the training for the international fellows of HSMI on Inclusive Urban Planning for the Urban Poor at CRRID.
                     25. Contribution in the training programme for the municipal councillors, officers and mayors from Maharashtra, Uttaranchal, Tamil Nadu and Andhra
                           Pradesh etc at CRRID on urban poverty issues and inclusive urban planning for the urban poor.
                     26. Provided assistance to School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi and National Resource Centre on Urban Poverty in organizing a National
                           Workshop on Inclusive Urban Planning and Urban Poor at Chandigarh.
                     27. Representation of UPA & L Cell at UNDP , Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA), Human Settlement Management Institute
                          (HSMI), Yashwant Rao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA) , All India Institute of Local self Governance (AIILSG),
                          Centre of Good Governance, National Institute of Urban affairs (NIUA), Centre for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID).

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