Note: All the Public Complaints related to any issue are entertained through "E-Mail" or Phone at” Complaint Center" of the Municipal Corporation, Sector-17, Chandigarh.

Complaint E-mail Address is osd_mcc@chdut.nic.in

Complaint Phone Numbers are  5009333, 5009444, 5009555

   Complaints related to Electrical Wing : xenelecmcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Road Wing : xenr1mccchd@nic.in or xenr2mcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Public Health Division No.1 : xenph1mcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Public Health Division No.2 : xenph2-mcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Public Health Division No.3 : xenph3mcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Public Health Division No.4 : xenph4mcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Health & Sanitation Wing : mohmcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Horticulture Wing : xenhortmcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Estate Wing : caomcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Enforcement Wing : addlcmc-mcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Fire and Emergency Services : cfo-mcc-chd@nic.in

   Complaints related to Booking of Open Spaces : bi-mcc-chd@nic.in