Enforcement Department

                 The Enforcement Wing of the Municipal Corporation is under the control of Sh.Tejdeep Singh Saini,PCS, Joint Commissioner.  The Department deals with the removal of unauthorized temporary encroachments on the Municipal land in Chandigarh like removal of obstructions and projections in and upon of the market places, verandah and rehri/phari markets etc. Encroachments are removed Under Section 44 (n), 323 and 415 of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act,1976 (Extension to Chandigarh) Act, 1994. Under the said clauses, the Enforcement Staff seized the articles of unauthorized occupants on the Municipal Land. Further, these articles are released after imposing fine Under Section 388 of the act. The maximum fine is up to Rs. 500/- and Addl. Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Joint Commissioner Municipal Corporation and Secretary Municipal Corporation are empowered to impose the fine on the seized articles. The seized articles are required to be got released by the concerned within one month of its seizure. However, the articles are kept in the Enforcement Store approximately two months and after that the same are auctioned.

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh
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