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Welcome Note from the Chief Fire Officer

The fire Branch of the Municipal Corporation is headed by Sh. Anil Kumar Garg PCS, Additional Commissioner-II take immense Pleasure in welcoming you to the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Fire Brigade Wing. The Objective and mission behind putting up such an informative site is to help us “Serve you Better” I am sure that as you navigate through the site you would appreciate the efforts and pain that we have taken to make life safe and better for each one of your homes and families. I thank my entire force and the Commissioner, Municipal Corporation for helping us put forward out thoughts into action, in an effort to create public awareness. So come, join hands and help us spread the message of safety awareness and prevention.

“Fire Prevention is Better than Cure”
“Life is Too Valuable to be Lost Save it Prevent Fire”

The Mission

The Brigade is founded on the mottos of Valour, Abnegation & Sacrifice it is geared to “Kill The Fire Before It Kills”. The Statutory duty of the brigade is to save lives and property in case of fire/disaster and the main purpose is to help those in distress. Nevertheless, in the interest of public welfare, special services, which involve lifesaving or rescue operations, humanitarian services and services urgently necessary in the public interest, are rendered. These services cover a wide range of incidents such as house collapses, train and motor accidents, drowning accidents, tree collapses, earth quake, oil and acid spillages etc. People sometimes delay calling the Brigade because they think the fire is too small or they can extinguish it easily themselves or someone has already dialed 101 Play it safe! If you see a fire, howsoever small, call the Brigade without hesitation, it costs you nothing and you may save a life and minimize national loss.


Started as full time function under the capital project Chandigarh in the month of June 1956. Officials in the brigade transferred from other wings of engineering department and estate office and a qualified officer also appointed on work charge basis. The brigade was started only with one trailer pump and housed in water works complex, Sector12, Chandigarh. After few days 2 vehicles make (study baker) were also fabricated for towing the pump.

The brigade has seven fire stations with its Head Quarters located at Fire Station, Sector-17, adjoining to Bus Stand, Chandigarh and two fire stations are under construction. The Chief Fire Officer under the administration of Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh commands operation.

The two Station Fire Officer manages all the seven fire stations. The brigade control room is located at Fire Station, Sector-17, handles about two emergency calls every day and is responsible for the minute to minute mobilization of 234 personnel and 27 vehicles. The officers of the brigade are on 24 hours continuous duty system, whereas staff is on 8 hours shift duty system.

Available Vehicles :

Fire Tender 10 Nos.
Hydraulic Platform -cum- Turntable Ladder 02 Nos.
Water Bouser04 Nos.
D.C.P. Multipurpose Tender 03 Nos.
Advance Emergency Rescue Tender ( it is without water)03 Nos.
Recovery Van01 Nos.
Ambulance03 Nos.
Gypsy 01 Nos.
Tata 207(AFT-600 liter capacity)-02 Nos.02 Nos.
Motor Cycle 07 Nos.

Future Plan :

  • The brigade has intiated the process for the procurement of one more Hydraulic Platform
    cumTurn Table Ladder to tackle the emergency occurence in high rise buildings.
  • The contruction work of the two number fire station will start shorty
  • The process to fill-up the vacant post has already been initiated.

Mutual Aid Scheme :

As the city is surrounded by the defence force in emergency assistance also being give to the Army, Air Force, Panchkula and Mohali Punjab under the mutual aid scheme.


Available Fire Fighting Equipments :

FAft 600 Ltr. Water Mist based Machine Mounted on TATA-207 2 Nos.
AFT  9 Ltr. Water Mist based Bank Pack 07 Nos.
Thermal Imaging Camera02 Nos.
Hydraulic RCC Cutter 02 Nos.
Inflatable Emergency Lighting System07 Nos.
High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor01 Nos.
Breathing Apparatus Sets42 Nos.
Fire Proximity Suits 14 Nos.
Fire Entry Suits02 Nos.
Combie tools Cutter & Spreader 02 Nos.
Power Operated Cutter & Spreader 02 Nos.
Flame Proof Torches 22 Nos.
Water Gel Blanket 07 Nos.
Electrical Operated Chain Saw Sharped Make 02 Nos.
Multipurpose Nozzle 07 Nos.
Multi Gas Detector 02 Nos.
Bullet Proof Jackets 05 Nos. (under test)


List of Fire Fighting Equipments which will be purchased during the year 2009-10

Water Floating Pump 02 nos.
Heat Detector Tester 02 Nos.
Three layered Fire Proximity Suits21 Nos.
Thermal Imaging Camera 05 Nos.
Diesel Engine Driven High Pressure Breathing Air Compressor01 Nos.
Power Operated Chain Saw01 Nos.
Fire Entry Suit14 Nos.
Walkie Talkie Set 20 Nos.
Video Camera02 Nos.
Hand Held Search Light 08 Nos.
Providing and fitting of grand make Sun Voice Ex with digital Amplifier Revolving light System 01 Nos.
Hose Pipe with Coupling 29 length of 30 mtr and 7 length of 15 mtr with coupling
Big Recovery Van 01 Nos.


Telephone Nos. of all Fire Stations of Fire & Emergenc Services, Chandigarh.

S.No. Address Telephone No.

Office of Chief Fire Officer

2. Fire Station, Sector 17, HQ 2702333,2703507,5034193
3. Fire Station, Sector 38 2690523, 5046064
4. Fire Station, Sector 11 2747820, 5034191
5. Fire Station, Sector 32 2655816, 5046070
6. Fire Station, Ind Area, Phase-I 2655816, 5046070
7. Fire Station, Ind. Area, Phase-II 2642111, 5034192
8. Fire Station, Manimajra 2734656, 5046065
9. Fire Branch 5021619
10. Fire Control Room 101

Municipal Corporation Chandigarh
New Delux Building, Sector 17