Legal Department

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Department's Hierarchy

               The Legal Department is under the direct control of Sh.Anil Kumar Garg,PCS,  Additional Commissioner-II and is headed by Law Officer. One Jr. Assistant, two Clerks works under this Branch.

Department's Working

      The Legal Branch of the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh supervises all the Court cases filed against the Corporation.  It also ensures that the reply in all the cases are to filed in time.  If any Branch faces any difficulty in filing the reply/written statement, the Law Officer also prepares the reply on behalf of the Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh.  The written statements prepared by the concerned advocates are also vetted by the Law Officer.  The Law Officer also appears in various courts on behalf of the Corporation and also assists the advocates in some important cases.  The Legal Branch coordinates with all the different wings of the Corporation in all the Legal Matters.  The Legal Branch is supervised by the Law Officer who is assisted by an Assistant and a Clerk.  The Legal Branch also looks after the updation of pending Court Cases of the Municipal Corporation on the Official Website of the Chandigarh Administration.   The Law Officer also frames the bye laws like ban on polythene, water bye laws, recruitment rules/promotion rules, fire bye laws etc. for the Corporation.

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